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MAGFest 2022 Playtest

I'll be at MAGFest 2022 (Gaylord Convention Center, National Harbor, MD, Jan 6-8, 1PM until close) as part of the Indie Tabletop Showcase, a venue where tabletop designers can demo their games

There, I'll be running Alter Arms, a tokusatsu-inspired tabletop role playing game where players take the role of heroes who gain a variety of powers by taking on different forms, and combining the abilities of those different forms together to pull off spectacular feats!

I'll also be running Skrap Packs, a rules-lite, card-based tabletop role playing game where players build decks of cards, with each card representing an item they've scavenged. They'll use these items in creative ways, to solve problems, even combining them together to build new and unique tools!

I'll have a rundown of feedback of the games sometime in the following week.

My next demos after MAGFest will be:

  • Alter Arms: Jan 15, 2PM-4PM Eastern via Discord where I'm starting an ongoing campaign to test out long-form play.

  • Alter Arms and Skrap Packs: Feb 18-20, 1PM until close at Katsucon 2022 (Gaylord Convention Center, National Harbor, MD) in the tabletop room.


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