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Alter Arms: Henshin Heroes RPG

A rules-lite, narrative based tabletop role playing game set in a world populated by Japanese-style transforming super heroes in the style of Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Sailor Moon. Gameplay is about managing escalation:


You can stay in your base form and have a wide range of versatility, or take on a more powerful form that's better suited to specialized tasks in exchange for raising the dramatic tension. Are you a monster in disguise? A super robot made to look human? Do you gain powers from a cool belt? Or transform into enchanted royalty by drawing power from celestial bodies?


What will you become? View

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In an attempt to save their failing studio Formula Pictures has used most of their upcoming film's budget hiring the most famous actors they can find. Turns out you can save a ton by not hiring writers or directors. Play as outlandish actors competing to be the star of a film they make up on the fly, changing the genre to suit your needs and hindering your opponents with dreaded studio notes!

BLOCKBUSTER! is a rules-lite, game master-less role playing game where players work with and against each other to create the most outlandish, incomprehensible film they can.


View the blog here, including a playthrough and a demo version of the rules.

Skrap Packs

A role playing game where players' entire character is made up of the things they carry. This deck-building RPG has players gathering tools and putting together new ones to face challenges and defeat enemies.

Currently in development.

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Thanks for checking out my portfolio. If you're interested in using my services, or have a question, don't hesitate to reach out to me!

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