From low-fidelity sketches to the finished website; how things changed and why.

Below are the different pages of the website in their various stages of production. Beginning with the low-fidelity sketches, moving onto the high-fidelity mockups made in InDesign based on client feedback, and finally the finished website.

Communication with the client was done through Slack. There, I was given the general outline for the website, the color code and the final logo design. I would create a mockup, post it to Slack, and go over the design choices with the client there. If any changes needed to be made, I would alter the mockup to their specifications and resubmit it for their final approval.

Before designing began, I was informed that the website would be published via Squarespace, and researched the functionality of the site in order to consider how the finished product would look using the tools it offered users.

I did not design the blog page as the clients and I felt it was best to use the default layout Squarespace offered. They would design the individual blog posts themselves.


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